The Third Annual Canada Day Quiz!

Canada Day is upon us again! Which means its time for Theresa and Randal’s annual Canada Day Quiz (Now 33% easier). After review, we think that our quiz last year was a little too difficult, which might make some of you Americans think that us Canadians derive some sort of pleasure from showing you how little you know about your northern neighbours. But really, this isn’t our intention at all. Basically, our quiz is meant to be fun, and to help us learn a little more about Canada (and Americans, don’t feel bad if you don’t know much about Canada – before we moved, I honestly didn’t even know where Virginia was). So, this year we have endeavored to make the quiz a little more manageable, without being too easy on you, of course. So enjoy. And Happy Canada Day!

Remember, you are not to look up answers on the internet. The correct responses will be given in the comments section. I invite everyone who takes the quiz to report your score in the comments section. The highest reported score will win a prize.

1. Canada has 2 national symbols. What are they?

  • A: Beaver & Maple Leaf
  • B: Maple Leaf & Moose
  • C: Hockey Stick & Grizzly Bear
  • D: Caribou & Salmon

2. Which of these were not invented by a Canadian?

  • A: Walkie-Talkie
  • B: Instant mashed potatoes
  • C: Toilet paper
  • D: Push-up bras

3. What Canadian television show is set at the Possum Lodge?

  • A: SCTV
  • B: The Red Green Show
  • C: Corner Gas
  • D: Kids in the Hall

4. What is the best selling album of all-time by a Canadian songwriter?

  • A: Alanis Morissette, Jagged Little Pill
  • B: Celine Dion, Let’s Talk About Love
  • C: Shania Twain, Come on Over
  • D: Bryan Adams, Waking up the Neighbours

5. Unfortunately, this year’s Stanley Cup champion team is not Canadian. However, their captain is. Who is he?

  • A: Nicklas Lidstrom
  • B: Alexander Ovechkin
  • C: Wayne Gretzky
  • D: Sidney Crosby

6: Current Opposition leader, Michael Ignatieff, has been criticized for spending most of his career at a foreign college. Which college was it?

  • A: Yale
  • B: London School of Economics
  • C: Harvard
  • D: Ecole Polytechnique

7. Finish this line: “Skinnamarink e-dink e-dink, skinnamarink e-doo…”

  • A: How do you do?
  • B: Coo-coo-cha-cho
  • C: Kan-g-roo
  • D: I love you

8. Which of the following does Canada not have the largest of?

  • A: Coastline
  • B: National Highway
  • C: Completed freestanding structure
  • D: Shopping Mall

9. In the midst of the global financial crisis, the economy of one province is reported to be the best in North America. Which province is the only one projected to see Economic growth in 2009?

  • A: Alberta
  • B: Saskatchewan
  • C: Ontario
  • D: Nova Scotia

10. Where would you most likely see this:

  • A: Vancouver
  • B: Regina
  • C: Montreal
  • D: Halifax

11. When did the United Empire Loyalists come to Canada?

  • A: 1602 to 1608
  • B: 1775 to 1783
  • C: 1860 to 1870
  • D: 1945 to 1960

12. Which Document Made Confederation legal?

  • A: The British North America Act
  • B: The Dominion Act
  • C: The Declaration of Independence
  • D: The Statute of Anne

13. The Canadian Government has recently begun negotiating a free trade agreement with which country/region?

  • A: China
  • B: Africa
  • C: The European Union
  • D: South America

14. Which of these is not one of the three parts of the Canadian Parliament?

  • A: The Senate
  • B: The House of Commons
  • C: The Prime Minister
  • D: The Queen

15. Which of the Prarie Provinces has the largest area?

  • A: Alberta
  • B: Saskatchewan
  • C: Manitoba
  • D: They are all exactly the same size

16. Which Canadian Indie Rock band is comprised of a loose collection of musicians, including members of Stars, Metric, Apostle of Hustle, and Feist?

  • A: The New Pornographers
  • B: Broken Social Scene
  • C: The Arcade Fire
  • D: Godspeed You! Black Emperor

17. What was the name of the ingenious combination of dried meat and berries that First Nations and Metis people produced to feed the fur traders during their long voyages into and out of the Canadian interior.

  • A: Pemmican
  • B: Beavertail
  • C: Bison Burger
  • D: Bannock

18. Canada is part of the voluntary association of countries which used to belong to the British Empire. What is this association called?

  • A: The G8
  • B: The Old Empire Club
  • C: The Commonweath of Nations
  • D: The EU

19. Which Canadian won the Nobel Peace Prize in 1957 for his work establishing the first UN Peacekeeping mission to resolve the Suez Crisis?

  • A: Kofi Annan
  • B: Robert Borden
  • C: Geddy Lee
  • D: Lester B. Pearson

20. Who is pictured here on the right?

  • A: Sir John A McDonald
  • B: Pierre E. Trudeau
  • C: Jean Chretien
  • D: Che Guevara

BONUS QUESTION: Which of the Garneau District Album Club’s album selections have been Canadian? (For this – and only this – question, feel free to look up the answer by visiting the album club website)