Randal Miller, J.D.

Tweeting from the Big Apple

I recently read an article that blogs are already obsolete – the future belongs to twitter.  You see, blogs are just too wordy.  Today’s audiences want their information in even shorter bits than blogs provide.  I guess asking people to read more than 144 characters is a little much.  So, to make things a little easier on you, I’ll report my recent New York trip as if I had been tweeting it while there.

05/08/09: We’re here: NY!  It’s kind of dumpy.  Traffic not so bad.  Is there anything in Times Square besides gift shops?

05/09/09: Central Park is huge!  Can almost forget we’re in the largest city in the US.  Rowboating a nice diversion.  My feet hurt.

 05/10/09: Avoided Statue of Liberty lines.  Her face looks like a man.   Theresa’s the latest immigrant to visit Ellis Island.  NY pizza = yummy.

05/11/09: Natural History museum: good.  The Met: better.  Broady play for $20!  Lesser-known play, but very witty.  Mathew Broderick stars.

05/12/09: Tour NBC Studios – SNL set amazingly small.  Shopping on 5th  St – Theresa loves it!  Colbert Report!  Thanks Holly for the tix!

So there you have it.  I hope it wasn’t too much, since there was five whole tweets in a row.  Here are a couple of pictures.  If you want to see the whole set, click here.


Boating in Central Park

Boating in Central Park


The Manhattan Skyline

The Manhattan Skyline


Restrict All Immigration!

Restrict All Immigration!

NY Pizza by the Slice

NY Pizza by the Slice


The Colbert Report

The Colbert Report

Good Food, Good Company, and Good Softball

Although some of you might not consider a season with only one win a success, us on this year’s RELLS Bells would beg to differ.  We all had a wonderful time this season, and to celebrate our success, Theresa and I organized a BBQ – Softball party.  Perhaps because our team was so popular, perhaps because it was over 30 degrees Celsius (about 85 fahrenheit), or perhaps because it will probably be the last time we could all get together as a group, but we had a great turnout.  So thanks everyone for joining us yesterday, and for joining us for the whole season.  It’s been an honor.

A couple of the members on our team, Landon and Sarah, are skilled photographers and took pictures of the the event.  So rather than try and keep you engrossed for 13,ooo words, I’ll let the photos do the talking.

Theresa, the barefooted Softballer


Look at that Concentration

Yes, Team RELLS Did Actually Field Pregnant Players

We Were Also the Only Team With a Nursery-Aged Entourage

Nick Is Catching Some Good Air With This Swing

One Busy April

I know that I the frequency of my posting has diminished.  The fact is, in addition to softball and all of the regular affairs that need to be settled at the end of a school year (my last!), Theresa and I have had an extremely full and enjoyable socail life.  Hence, less blogging.  Here are a few of the fun things we’ve been up to (as opposed to the boring, school related matters).

Easter Bunny Brunch: our ward put on a delightful Saturday morning brunch Easter weekend.  Although we had no children to participate in the egg hunt or meet the Easter Bunny, we had a good time with freinds.  And based on the high quality brunches we’ve had of late, its quickly becoming my favourite meal of the day (it is already Theresa’s)

Uva Drama Productions:  over the past month, we have been able to attend two Uva drama productions: Fuddy Meers, which is a wild an hilarious family crime caper seen through the eyes of an amnesiac, and Two Gentleman of Verona, a classic Shakespeare comedy.  Both were fantastic.

Pinewood Derby: yesterday, our elder’s quorum held its second annual pinewood derby (or what I knew growing up as a Cub-car Rally).  I spend all last week making my car with my rudimentary toolkit, a borrowed hacksaw (thanks Scott) and some leftover furniture paint.  Even though it was not the prettiest (or, as it turned out, the fastest), I was proud of my little car.  It ran the circuit admirably, and although it did not finish high enough to earn on of the grand prizes, I did win the award for “Most International Car” (although the competition in that category was somewhat lacking).  All and all, I had a great time.


My care is in lane 3 (what gave it away?).  The car in lane 1 won the whole competition.

Our Funny Valentines

Theresa and I have a  tradition that goes back to the first Valentine we spent together, when we were dating.  At the time Theresa was an FHE leader in our singles ward, and planned an activity involving making paper Valentines.  However, the week before our activity had involved an game using pictures of various famous and historical figures, so she included them in the Valentine card supplies.  This turned out to be a huge hit, and everyone in our group ended up making great funny valentines featuring unlikely protagonists: mine, for example included a picture of Stalin.  Since then, we have continued the tradition of making unusual valentines from pictures cut out of magazines.  Here are this year’s additions.  Happy Valentines Day!


Theresa's Card

Theresa's Card



Randal's Card

Randal's Card


Just in case you don’t get the punch-line in my card, just watch the following video.  Lil Wayne is a very famous and critically acclaimed rapper, but has decided he wants to make a rock and roll album next.  The first single, Prom Queen is, without any doubt or the slightest hint of exaggeration, the absolute worst song I have ever heard.

The Year in Pictures

Neither Theresa nor I are exceptional photographers.  And lets face it, the camera we bought for $100 isn’t the best piece of photographic equipment.  But if you take enough pictures, you are bound to come up with some shots that you can use to convince your friends that you know what your doing with a camera.  Here are a few of our favourite photographs from 2008.

Best Picture of Randal


Me at the Turkey Bowl: Like a Professional Photographer, Theresa Captured my True Essence in this Shot


Best Picture of Theresa


Humpback Rocks - Here, I Captured Theresa's Essence: Pure Cuteness


Best Picture of us as a Couple


Mac and PC


Best Picture of Another


My Sister Amy With Theresa at Bonnie Doon Beach, Near San Francisco


Best Group Picture


Holly, Peter, Theresa, Me, and Erin at Big Basin Redwood Forest


Pictures That Make Us Think We Might Actually Be Photographers (aka “Best Artsy Fartsy Pictures”)


The San Francisco Skyline with Boat



The Confederate Lines, Battle of Standardsville



Yes We Did - Miller Apartment, Nov 4th



The Senendoah Vally Through a Bare Tree



Barn: Valgardson Farm, Taber Alberta

And for those who just can’t get enough, here are links to Theresa’s many online photo albums from this year:

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Hello, I’m a Mac…

Halloween may be a couple of days away, but thanks to our ward’s Trunk-or-Treat last night, we have already been swarmed with children begging for candy.  In case you cannot tell from the picture above, Theresa and I went as Mac and PC.  I think we did a pretty good job, but the “Best Adult Costume” contest was stolen from us by the Mensens.  Sure, their Ketchup and Mustard costumes were clever, but they just put on some red and yellow clothes and taped a Heinz logo to their shirt – Theresa and I meticulously researched and planned our outfits.  I’ll just have to assume that since we were sitting on the opposite side of the Gym as the stage, the judges didn’t get a chance to see us.  

Also, if there was a prize for the best decorated trunk, we might have won that one too, judging by the reactions our set-up produced.  The parents generally thought our “dead person legs” were fun, while the kids often seemed quite disturbed.  Some were so frightened by the legs that they rushed past our car without even stopping for candy, which made the decorations a resounding success in my books.

Finally, because Theresa’s costume included a pair of my kakis, we have continued the halloween tradition we started last year of wearing each other’s pants.