Back by popular demand, its the 5th Sorta-Annual Canada Day Quiz.  As in years past, simply answer the questions, check your score in the comments section, and then comment with your score.  If you comment anonymously, please make sure you include your name in your comment.  I tried to make this quiz a little more friendly to Americans.  While there certainly will be certain questions that will be easier for Canadians, I tried to include more questions to test knowledge about general subjects that just happen to have a Canadian connection.

Also this year there will be a prize for the highest score – a pair of Canadian Olympic sunglasses from the Bay (proceeds go towards the Canadian olympic team).  Of course, there is no way to stop anyone from cheating, but Canadians are honorable people so we will go by the honor system.  To be eligible to win, please post your score either in the comments or on my Facebook page by July 7, 2014.

Have fun and Happy Canada Day!

1. In what sport did Canada win the most medals during the 2014 Olympic Winter Games?

    • A Curling
    • B. Speed Skating
    • C. Figure Skating
    • D. Freestyle Skiing
    • E. Canada didn’t win any medals this year

2. Which is the only province/territory capital city with punctuation in its name? 3. Certain Canadian politicians have proposed that Canada form a union with what Caribbean island(s)?

    • A. Martinique
    • B. Turks and Caicos
    • C. Haiti
    • D. Saint Lucia
    • E. The government is secretly planning on invading all of these

4. What is the Burgess Shale?

    • A. A famous avalanche that occurred in the Alberta Rockies
    • B. A controversial oil shale mine in Manitoba
    • C. A rocky beach in Nova Scotia
    • D. A large fossil field in British Columbia
    • E. You just made this up

5. A large portion of the Canadian-American border runs along the 49th parallel.  If the border were changed tomorrow so that its entire length of the border ran along the 49th, which of the following cities would remain in Canada?

    • A. Victoria, BC
    • B. Ottawa, ON
    • C. Quebec City, QC
    • D. Charlottetown, PEI
    • E. They’d all be American

6. At what time of day would you likely see popular Canadian singer Corey Hart wear his sunglasses?

    • A. 8:00 AM
    • B. 12:00 noon
    • C. 2:00 PM
    • D. 10:00 PM
    • E. He has never been seen without sunglasses

7. Which of the following Major League Baseball players play 81 games in Canada each season?

    • A. Jose Bautista
    • B. Joey Votto
    • C. Buster Posey
    • D. Derek Jeter
    • E. There’s no MLB in Canada

8. Canadians love telling people how cold our country is.  What is the coldest temperature ever recorded in Canada?

    • A. -43 degrees celsius
    • B. -53 degrees celsius
    • C. -63 degrees celsius
    • D. -73 degrees celsius
    • E. +33 degrees celsius

9. Although it is likely that Vikings landed in Canada as early as 1000 AD, who was the first definitively recorded European to land in Canada?

    • A. Henry Hudson
    • B.  John Cabot
    • C. Jacques Cartier
    • D. Sir John A Macdonald
    • E. No European has ever landed in Canada

10. What is on the reverse of this bill?  (Don’t cheat – I know your wallet is stuffed with them)









    • A. The discovery of insulin
    • B. A sailboat
    • C. Canadian geese
    • D. Kids playing hockey
    • E. A mosaic of all of these images

11. In the Canadian science fiction television show, “Orphan Black,” protagonist Sarah Hawking is a “streetwise hustler” who finds out she is a what?

    • A. An alien
    • B. A clone
    • C. A robot
    • D. A ghost
    • E. An American (the worst of all)

12. Who was Canada’s first francophone Prime Minister?

    • A. Pierre Trudeau
    • B. Wilfrid Laurier
    • C. William Lyon Mackenzie King
    • D. Jean Chretien
    • E. None of these

13. Where would you most likely find a bluenoser?

    • A. In an arctic stream
    • B. At a hockey game in Alberta
    • C. At the Quebec Winter Carnival
    • D. At a park in Nova Scotia
    • E. You can’t see a bluenoser – they’re invisible

14. For what is Toronto Mayor Rob Ford most famous?

    • A. Serving a as mayor in both a Canadian and American city
    • B. Balancing the Toronto budget
    • C. Smoking Crack
    • D. Playing for the Toronto Maple Leafs before becoming mayor
    • E. He’s done all of these things

15. Chris Hadfield, Canadian astronaut and former commander of the International Space Station, posted a number of videos on youtube about space while living on the ISS, including a cover of which space-themed song?

    • A. “Fly Me To The Moon” by Frank Sinatra
    • B. “Rocket Man” by Elton John
    • C. “One More Astronaut” by I Mother Earth
    • D. “Space Oddity” by David Bowie
    • E. None of these because in space, no one can hear you sing

16. 100 years ago, in 1914, Canada attracted fully one-third of all British investment in its sprawling empire.  What Canadian industry received the greatest share of this investment?  (If you need a hint, you may want to ask Lord Grantham).

    • A. Railroads
    • B. Mining
    • C. Finance
    • D. The fur trade
    • E. Tobogganing

17. If modern political boundaries were drawn on the supercontinent Pangea, Canada would have some new neighbors.  Which of the following would NOT border Canada?

    • A. USA
    • B. Portugal
    • C. Norway
    • D. Morocco
    • E. They all would border Canada

18. One of the most beloved books by this Canadian author is based on a song s/he composed for his/her two stillborn children:

    • A. Robert Munsch
    • B. Margaret Atwood
    • C. Lucy Maud Montgomery
    • D. Yann Martel
    • E. None of these

19. According to a recent New York Times article, which of the following countries (most likely) has a richer middle class than Canada (measured by median per capita income after taxes)?

    • A. Netherlands
    • B. United States
    • C. Denmark
    • D. China
    • E. None of these – we’re number 1!

20. Which of these superheros is Canadian and, according to his backstory, even worked for the Canadian government?

    • A. Wolverine
    • B. Spiderman
    • C. Captain America
    • D. Hulk
    • E. All of these – Canada is actually the world’s leading producer of superheroes

21. Which of the following species is NOT on the Government of Canada’s Species At Risk Public Registry (which includes endangered species, threatened species, and species of special concern)?

    • A. Killer Whale
    • B. Burrowing Owl
    • C. Mallard Duck
    • D. Wood Bison
    • E. None of these animals even live in Canada

22. Where is this?










  • A.British Columbia
  • B. Quebec
  • C. Northwest Territories
  • D. Newfoundland and Labrador
  • E. Germany

23. Which of the following Canadian Movies was recently remade in Hollywood as “Delivery Man,” starring Vince Vaughn?

    • A. Starbuck
    • B. Upside Down
    • C. The triplets of Belleville
    • D. Fred Claus
    • E. There are Canadian movies?

24. This map shows the Provinces and Territories as they existed in what year? 800px-Canada_provinces_1898-1901

    • A. 1800
    • B. 1850
    • C. 1900
    • D. 1950
    • E. 2000

25. If former Alberta premier Alison Redford were to plan an upcoming vacation, which of these would be most likely?

    • A. A quick visit to England to see her birth-country
    • B. A rustic camping trip in one of the 5 new provincial parks she commissioned
    • C. A road trip to Ottawa to stay with her cousin, Stephen Harper
    • D. A luxurious, no-expense-spared vacation to South Africa
    • E. Nowhere, you can’t take a vacation from prison

6 Responses

  1. Answers:

    1-D; 2-St. John’s, Newfoundland; 3-B; 4-D; 5-E (all of the listed cities are south of the 49th parallel. In fact, the only provincial capitals that are north of the 49th are Edmonton, Regina, and Winnipeg – and, of course, the Territory capitals are also further north); 6-D (he sang “I wear my sunglasses at night,” and 8:00 PM is the only time listed that is at night); 7-A (Jose Bautista plays for the Toronto Blue Jays, whose home games are in Canada. A MLB baseball season has 81 home games, so only a Blue Jays player would play this many games in Canada. As an aside, Joey Votto (answer B) is the only Canadian player on this list.); 8-C (in Snag Yukon on February 3, 1947); 9-B; 10-A; 11-B; 12-B; 13-D (Bluenoser is a slang term for someone from Nova Scotia); 14-C; 15-D; 16-A (Lord Grantham is a character on the TV show “Downton Abby,” who invested heavily in a Canadian Railroad company); 17-C; 18-A; 19-E (according to the article, Canada has recently surpassed the USA as the country with the richest middle class); 20-A; 21-C; 22-B (this photo is of a rampart in Quebec City’s walls); 23-A; 24-C; 25-D (although some may argue that Allison Redford would NOT want to return to South Africa after her $45,000 trip to Nelson Mandela’s funeral created a political scandal, the other four options are all false, so D is by default the most likely)

  2. OUCH! 15/25. That stings. Also, I believe I should be given a bonus point for being the first to comment. So I end with a pitiful 16/25.
    For the record, some notable mistakes were that Cabot came first, that the discovery of insulin is on the reverse of the $100 bill and that railroads dominated the investment British-Canadian market of 1914. I obviously need to crack open a book and use my $100 bill to bookmark it. 😉

  3. Please excuse my poor grammar. These results have shaken me to the core.

  4. Here is a google docs version of the quiz. At the end are links to more information about all of the questions.

  5. 16/25 for me! I had some lucky guesses scattered throughout.

  6. 16/25 for me. Great to be able to do the quiz again this year. One of the highlights of Canada Day.

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