canada day twenty eleven

Here it is again, the fourth annual Canada Day Quiz. You know the drill: answer the questions (no googling), check the answers in the comment section, then post your score in the comments.  There will be a prize for highest scoring Canadian and American (if you are a dual citizen you will be considered Canadian).  Have fun!

1.     The Stanley Cup really gets around.  Which of the following has NOT happened to the most famous trophy in professional sports

  • a. Used as a child’s toilet
  • b. Kidnapped and ransomed
  • c. Used to smuggle drugs
  • d. Drop-kicked by a drunken player into a canal (luckily it was frozen)

2.      The Halifax explosion of 1917 was the largest man-made explosion until the dropping of the atomic bomb. What caused this explosion?

  • a. A collision of two ships, one of which was loaded with explosives
  • b. The testing of a new variety of dynamite
  • c. A fire at a natural gas refinery
  • d. An attack by German U-boats

3.     Canada is the only country besides the United State to host a world series baseball game. What year did this first occur?

  • a. 1943
  • b. 1978
  • c. 1992
  • d. 2003

4.     The Canadian Rangers are Canada’s largest reserve military group. What is the main task of the Rangers?

  • a. Coordinating overseas peace-keeping missions
  • b. Stopping illegal immigrants from entering Canada from the United States
  • c. Keeping rats out of Alberta
  • d. Promoting Canada’s sovereignty in the arctic

5.     The first mission of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (then the Northwest Mounted Polices) was to bring order to this town and its infamous whiskey traders

  • a. Yorke Island Fort near Hardwick Island, BC
  • b. Fort Whoop-Up (present day Lethbridge), Alberta
  • c. Fort Fredrick (present day Kingston), Ontario
  • d. Fort Yukon, Yukon

6.      Which of the following was not the name of a Canadian NHL team (past or present)

  • a. Whalers
  • b. Jets
  • c. Nordiques
  • d. Senators

7.     Canada is NOT a member of which of the following groups:

  • a. OECD
  • b. OPEC
  • c. NATO
  • d. G8

8.     In 2006, Parliament passed a motion declaring what people to be a nation within a united Canada

  • a. The Quebecois
  • b. The Metis
  • c. The Inuit
  • d. The Arcadians

9.     The October Crisis was triggered by the kidnapping of and killing of government officials by which group

  • a. Al-Queda
  • b. The FLQ
  • c. The Sicilian Mafia
  • d. American revolutionaries

10.     Who wrote In Flanders Field, Canada’s most famous wartime remembrance poem?

  • a. Margaret Atwood
  • b. Lucy Maud Montgomery
  • c. John Macrae
  • d. Leonard Cohen

11.     Which of the following is NOT the flag of a Canadian Province or Territory?

  • a.  
  • b.  
  • c.  
  • d.  
  • e.   all of them are

12.     This famous Canadian actor is currently battling Parkinson’s Disease

  • a. William Shatner
  • b. Michael Cera
  • c. Donald Sutherland
  • d. Michael J Fox

13.      Hoping to improve their popularity in the United States, Dan Aykroyd convinced Saturday Night Live to invite this Canadian band to play on the show in 1995. The plan didn’t really work.

  • a. The Tragically Hip
  • b. Our Lady Peace
  • c. The Bachman-Turner Overdrive
  • d. The Barenaked Ladies

14.      Natural resources account for seven per cent of Canada’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP). Rank these three types of natural resources, in terms of their share of Canada’s GDP: energy, forestry, minerals

  • a. energy, forestry, minerals
  • b. forestry, minerals, energy
  • c. energy, minerals, forestry
  • d. minerals, forestry, energy

15.     Put Canada’s official political parties in the order of number of seats in the current federal government, from most seats to least

  • a. Conservative, Liberal, Bloq, NDP, Green
  • b. Conservative, NDP, Liberal, Bloq, Green
  • c. Liberal, Conservative, NDP, Bloq, Green
  • d. Conservative, NDP, Bloq, Liberal, Green

16.      What city is this?

  • a. Vancouver
  • b. Calgary
  • c. Toronto
  • d. Montreal

17.     In the 2011 Federal Election, the NDP won a number of victories with untraditional candidates. One of the most talked about was NDP Candidate (now MP) Ruth Ellen Brosseau of the Berthier – Maskinongé riding. Which of the following is NOT something the media criticized her for?

  • a. She speaks weak French in a predominantly French riding
  • b. She spent a portion of the election campaign in Las Vegas
  • c. She had never been to her riding
  • d. She started her political career as an Alberta Conservative

18.     Which of the following provinces shares a land border with the United States

  • a. New Brunswick
  • b. Nova Scotia
  • c. Prince Edward Island
  • d. Newfoundland

19.      This Canadian/Australian couple were photographed kissing in which riot-torn country?

  • a. Egypt
  • b. Syria
  • c. Greece
  • d. Tunisia
  • e. None of the above

20.     What was the Avro Arrow?

  • a. A hockey play perfected by the 1989 Montreal Candiens
  • b. A famous archeological find that provide evidence that Native Americans originate from Asia
  • c. A high-tech airplane that was made in Canada
  • d. The boat that is on the Canadian dime

21.     Everyone knows that the only country Canada shares a border with is the United States, right? Well, one country would disagree with this. Han’s Island is an arctic island that is claimed by both Canada and this other country:

  • a. The United Kingdom
  • b. Denmark
  • c. Iceland
  • d. France

22.      Where is Canada’s technology Triangle?

  • a. Waterloo, ON
  • b. Toronto, ON
  • c. Ottawa, ON
  • d. London, ON

23.     Tommy Douglas was famous for starting universal health care in Canada. In which province did he first introduce Medicare?

  • a. Quebec
  • b. British Columbia
  • c. Saskatchewan
  • d. Nova Scotia

24.     What is the name of the speech given by the Governor General at the beginning of each parliamentary session?

  • a. Opening statement
  • b. The invocation
  • c. Discours d’ouverture
  • d. Speech from the throne

25.     Acadians are decedents of 17th Century colonists from France who speak a distinct French dialect. Where is Acadia located?

  • a. The Martine provinces
  • b. Ontario
  • c. Manitoba
  • d. Yukon