Canada Day Twenty Ten: The Quiz

So, it seems like this blog’s only purpose now is to post Theresa and my annual Canada Day quizzes.  So, get ready for our fourth installment.  2010 was a big year for Canada, since it hosted the world during the 2010 Olympic Winter Games.  So, to commemorate, this year’s quiz features five bonus questions about the 2010 Olympics.

But lets get started with some general Canadian Knowledge.

1. Canadians love naming their towns after animals; which of the following is not the name of a town or city in Canada?

  • A. Horsefly, BC
  • B. Moose Jaw, SK
  • C. Wolfville, NS
  • D. Caribou Crossing, NWT

2. Which is the most common religion in Canada?

  • A. Catholic
  • B. Protestant
  • C. Muslim
  • D. Jewish

3. AA Mine’s beloved children’s stories featuring Christopher Robin and his animal friends was inspired by a bear that was donated to the London Zoo from which Canadian City?

  • A. Edmonton, AB
  • B. Toronto, ON
  • C. Winnipeg, MB
  • D. Victoria, BC

4. Canada has the more lakes than any other country in the world.  Approximately what percentage of the world’s lakes are in Canada?

  • A. 10%
  • B. 25%
  • C. 40%
  • D. 60%

5. Toronto holds an annual music and film festival every June that is similar in many ways to Texas’ South by Southwest festival.  What is the name of this festival?

  • A. Musiqueplus
  • B. North by Northeast
  • C. MapleMusic Festival
  • D. T.O. Culture Fest

6. Which of the following was never the Prime Minister of Canada?

  • A. Wilfred Laurier
  • B. Alexander Mackenzie
  • C. James Polk
  • D. Brian Mulroney

7. In 2010, Randal and Theresa settled in the San Francisco Bay area, which was the site of a major gold rush.  In the late ninteenth century, Canada experienced its own gold rush in the Klondike region of which Province or Territory?

  • A. The Northwest Territories
  • B. British Columbia
  • C. Yukon
  • D. Manitoba

8. Which teen pop superstar hails from Stratford, ON?

  • A. Miley Cyrus
  • B. Justin Bieber
  • C. The Jonas Brothers
  • D. Hanna Montana

9. What has been Canada’s best showing at the FIFA World Cup?

  • A.  Ha ha, is this a joke question? (i.e. Canada has never been to the world cup)
  • B. Showing up (i.e. Canada has played in the world cup, but has never won a game or even scored a goal)
  • C. Canada made it to the round of 16 in 1964
  • D. Canada won the whole thing in 1986
10. Who makes the best doughnuts in North America (no, this is not a matter of opinion, it is a fact)?
  • A. Dunken Donuts
  • B. Krispy Kreme
  • C. Tim Horton’s
  • D. Happy Donuts

11. During the first half of 2010, in what range (USD) did the Canadian dollar trade?

  • A. 70 – 80 cents
  • B. 80 – 90 cents
  • C. 90 cents – 1 dollar
  • D. 1.00 dollar – 1.10 dollars
12. What song by Canadian rapper K’naan was featured as both an Canadian All-Star Haiti-relief single and Coca-Cola’s official World Cup theme song?
  • A. A Helping Hand
  • B. We are the World
  • C. Find Your Love
  • D. Wavin’ Flag

13. In what province or territory is the majority of Canada’s controversial tar sands operation located?

  • A. Alberta
  • B. Saskatchewan
  • C. Yukon
  • D. Quebec
14. This picture, from between Jun 25-27, 2010, was taken in which Canadian City?
  • A. Toronto, ON
  • B. Regina, SK
  • C. Victoria, BC
  • D. Fredericton, NB

15. What is the name of the elected lower house of Canadian parliment?

  • A. The house of commons
  • B. The senate
  • C. Congress
  • D. The house of lords

16. How many time zones are in Canada?

  • A. 3
  • B. 4
  • C. 5
  • D. 6

17. Which of these Cities is furthest from St. John’s Newfoundland (as the crow flies)?

  • A. London, England
  • B. Hamilton, ON
  • C. Vancouver, BC
  • D. Miami, FL

18. On December 13, 2009, Edmonton AB (where Theresa and I were living at the time), was officially the coldest place on earth.  What is the coldest tempurature ever recorded in Canada?

  • A. -46.1 degrees Celsius (-50.9 f)
  • B. -56.7 degrees Celsius (-70.1 f)
  • C. -63.0 degrees Celsius (-76.0 f)
  • D. -89.2 degrees Celsius (-128.6 f)

19. To whom is the Polaris Prize Awarded?

  • A. Musicians
  • B. Snow Machine Pilots
  • C. Novelists
  • D. Hockey Players

20. What is the title of the highest elected office in a provincial government (i.e. like the governor in the USA)?

  • A. The Governor
  • B. The Prime Minister
  • C. The Premier
  • D. High Lord


21. How many gold medals did Canada win in the 2010 Winter Olympics?

  • A. 14
  • B. 9
  • C. 26
  • D. 1

22. In the Olympic Sport of Curling, what is referred to as the “button”?

  • A. A nickname for the stones that are thrown across the ice
  • B. The center of the bulls eye
  • C. A shot that involves throwing one stone between two others
  • D. The name of the last player on a team to throw a stone

23. In what sport did Canada earn its first ever gold medal won on Canadian Soil?

  • A. Cross Country Skiing
  • B. Figure Skating
  • C. Moguls
  • D. Hockey

24. Who scored the overtime goal to win a gold medal in ice hockey?

  • A. Scott Niedermayer
  • B. Roberto Luongo
  • C. Jarome Iginla
  • D. Sidney Crosby

25. What American TV personality sponsored the US Speed-skating team and heavily criticized Canada’s “Own the Podium” campaign?

  • A. Larry King
  • B. Stephen Colbert
  • C. Glen Beck
  • D. Anderson Cooper

As always, the answers are posted in the comments section.  I invite everyone to post your scores in the comments as well, so we can see who has highest score (both for a Canadian and for a non-Canadian).

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11 Responses

  1. Answers: 1-D, 2-A, 3-C, 4-D, 5-B, 6-C, 7-C, 8-B, 9-B (Canada qualified for the 1986 World Cup, but lost all three of its preliminary matches with a total of 0 goals for and 5 against), 10-C (-1 point if you picked Krispy Kreme), 11-C, 12-D, 13-A, 14-A (this picture was taken during the protests at the G20 convention in Toronto, ON), 15-A, 16-D, 17-C, 18-C, 19-A, 20-C, 21-A, 22-B, 23-C, 24-D, 25-B

  2. 23/25, respectable I would say! Good Quiz Babe

  3. Disclaimer about Theresa’s score: although I wrote all the questions in this quiz, I did run some by Theresa, so she should probably be out of the running for highest score

  4. 18/25, I’m embarrassed to have gotten some of these wrong – I feel like I am no longer worthy to carry the title: ‘Canadian’!

  5. I am somewhat ashamed to say that I got 20/25, however, I’m not so ashamed by the ones I got wrong – I don’t watch sports, so the World Cup means nothing to me.

    I do believe I should get two bonus points though because:
    1) There is no such place as Tim Horten’s. There is Tim Hortons, though.
    2) The highest ELECTED position is Premier, but the highest office in Provincial government is the Lieutenant Governor, who represents the Queen, Grand Supreme Poobah of everything.

    [Randal: OK, I’ll give you one bonus point for the provincial government question, but not for the Tim Horton’s question, since that was just a typo]

  6. Well it didn’t start out good but I came back with a vengeance and I’m proud of my 19/25 (all 5 bonus questions correct without blinking an eye) considering my scores in previous years.
    Another quiz well done Randal.

  7. Umm, I think we got 21 out of 25…the lakes question was very surprising for me. Bravo, good show.

    Randal & Theresa, just in case you haven`t heard yet, I`m engaged to Andrea Turcios, getting married in the Vancouver temple on August 7th (2010). You`re welcome to come if you are around (Aug 7th in Vancouver, Aug 14th in Red Deer.) As a side note, San Fran to Vancouver, BC, Canada, is only 1561 km (approx), only about 300 km further than Vancouver to Edmonton, AB, which is where we`ll be living for at least the next year.

    Anyway, I hope you are both well, and Happy Canada Day!!
    -Steven & Andrea

  8. i feel and am awesome because i got 17 out of 25! ya me! i rock! i rock! i rock! ya me! anywho, i am happy!

  9. Like Holly I started out slow – missed four of the first five, and managed only a measly 15/25. I am at a disadvantage though, having never tasted a Tim Horton’s doughnut. I’m sure if I had had a Tim Horton’s doughnut I would have done much better on many of the other questions as well.

  10. I got 17 out of 25 😦 but 100% of the Olympic questions. As for the soccer question — a true Canadian would say “who cares, it’s not hockey so the whole question is irrelevant”. So my score is really 17 out of 24.

  11. Well, I was feeling a bit bad about my score until I read everyyone else’s score–I got 19/25–and like Holly, all five bonus questions. Not bad I guess. Thanks.

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