Theresa’s New Blog

After remaining firmly aloof from the blogosphere for so long, Theresa has recently jumped on board.  The reason?  Well, since I am busier with my Bar exam preparations than I have probably ever been, Theresa has taken up a few hobbies, mostly of the crafty variety.  So, in order to show off her projects and share how she did them, she has undertaken the maintenance of her own DIY blog.  Head over to check it out at:

I Hate BarBri

I hate my bar review course. Not only is it a tonne of work without a single day rest, but it is a tonne of incredibly boring and tedious work. But it will only be for a couple of months, and there are occasional moments of mirth. This video is actually not that far off the real thing:

So yeah, if you are wondering what I am doing it is studying. Studying like I have never studied before. I’ll try to get a post or two up when I have time, so don’t give up on this blog completely (or on the new Album Club Website, which I will be updating throughout the month with music related posts)

Album Club’s New Website

So, the Album Club has grown up and moved away from home.  Peter and I are pleased to announce the Album Culb’s New Website:  We invite everyone to come over and check it out.  Not only will it continue to post the introduction and analysis posts about each month’s albums, but Peter and I will also be posting regular pieces about music in general: new music that we like, songs that we would like to share and things of that nature.  And remember to listen to this month’s artist – I’d love to hear what you all think of it

AC June: Grizzly Bear – Veckatimest

On virtually every music blog (including, now, this one), Grizzly Bear’s new album is mentioned in conjunction to Animal Colective’s Merriwhether Post Pavilion.  But the two albums are nothing alike.  The reason, then, that these albums are mentioned together is that there has arisen a feud between different factions within indie-rock community; the defining difference separating these two factions being their preference of Grizzly Bear over Animal Collective or vice versa.  You see, both these records were anticipated to an almost ridiculous degree and have enjoyed remarkable critical acclaim, which means thatat this point it appears like virtually all upcoming “best of 2009” lists will boil down to a two-way contest between these two amazing albums.  Accordingly,  the comment sections of many music blogs are filled with fans penning inspiring comparisons, such as “Grizzly Bear > MPP”  or “AC >> GB”.  In fact, although these albums are about as different as you can get within the sphere of indie rock, disputes over the comparative qualities of them has inundated the Internet’s indie music forums to an almost unbearable degree, and has even made its way into the Miller household (Theresa prefers Grizzly Bear, and I – at least at this point – am an Animal Collective man).

But lets let the music do the talking.  We have already featured Merriwheather Post Pavilion.  Now, lets listen to Veckatimest and decide which each of us prefers.

PS – it has come to my attention that our LaLa account doesn’t work in Canada.  Therefore, until I can find a new way to allow you to listen to this album for free, you could listen to the songs the band has posted on MySpace, or on their website.  Sorry for the inconvenience.  

Download the track, Cheerleader.